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Services - CAM3RA



Sometimes we dream about participating in our favorite artist’s event, preferably under the stage, or even on stage or backstage. To see our idol up close, or rather peep on him/her, during a performance. To almost touch him/her. Backstage scenes are very fascinating. Showing them in 360 VR gives fans a chance to come closer to the artist, and feel the atmosphere in the center of action.

  • innovative video clips,
  • the “making of” video clips and films,
  • unusual interviews,
  • concerts filmed from the artist’s or band’s perspective,
  • exhibitions and vernissages,
  • cultural events,
  • artists’ showcase,
  • studio tours



Browsing through catalogs and driving from one site to the other is not only ineffective but also time-consuming. Pictures usually don’t reflect the space and atmosphere of a place.

Logistically it’s often impossible to show remote properties. 360 VR technology makes it possible not only to get a feel for the space, but also to show many locations, without ever leaving the office, which is a real time-saver. 8K photographs show every detail, and stereoscopy (3D) through VR goggles will ensure a highly realistic and unique experience.

  • presenting a property,
  • a virtual tour around the rooms and the surrounding area – on your web page or on Google Street View + resource administration
  • showcasing properties,
  • a virtual office,
  • additional documentation of the land



We travel to relax and make memories, which we try to capture by taking pictures. A plain video recording can lie, and sometimes that’s the point… 360 VR videos enable to fully present the magnificence of a destination, its atmosphere, and its most beautiful corners. Our memories are mostly constructed by our sight and hearing senses.

We can stimulate our dreams using the same senses. With 360 VR, we can feel the uniqueness of a sunrise or sunset, we can hide in the local greenery, or take a look at the nearby town from the location’s highest point. The surround sound will reflect the area’s peace, the evening noise, brawl or other sounds, urging the viewer to take a trip and experience that distant world in real life.

  • Presenting a hotel, recreational center, or sports facility
  • depicting an area, its flora and fauna
  • videos from team building events, which make unique souvenirs



Regardless of whether the content is aimed at students or investors, with 360 VR it is possible to move several hundred people into an operating room, a lecture hall, a local hospital or private clinic.

  • documenting medical procedures or surgeries from different angles for educational purposes,
  • a lecture or discussion panel,
  • experiencing an emergency in the virtual world,
  • introducing a medical facility,
  • presenting medical equipment and resources


360 VR videos transport the user into the center of action, so the viewer is not a mere observer, but instead becomes one of the actors, who can take a close look at the production of a video clip, the working environment at a company, watch a sunset from a luxury hotel suite, or spend the night at an abandoned museum.


You can present an apartment, a house, an office, a store, a skyscraper, or a neighborhood using something else than plain photographs. Make your presentation immersive even if your clients are on the other side of the globe.


Show your company and all of its products without renting multiple stalls. Exhibition space is no longer the limit. Bring your shipyard with all its ships anywhere you want. All you need is a smartphone.