People spend a lot of time in front of the computer, so they cherish the moments they spend away from it even more.

However, when we browse through the Internet, what catches our eye are things that are either unconventional or practical.

For younger generations technology is something natural. The generation, that is growing up right now, never experienced a world without the internet.

Regardless of whether technology is used as a marketing or an entertainment tool, virtual and augmented reality can combine those two worlds.

360 video technology allows us to record the whole picture so that the space around us can be caught on camera immersing us in the story.

Watching 360 content, especially in the stereoscopic mode, allows viewers to travel to the center of the action, using the senses of sight and hearing.

It’s an amazing experience!

For an even better experience, use VR goggles!

We adjust the content for all existing platforms, maximizing its use.

Regardless of your company’s profile, we will help you find the best use for this technology.

We will write a scenario and design post-production effects, which will make the resulting video both informative, aesthetic and surprising.

There are a few ideas of what we can create for you.

CAM3RA to projekt, który zrodził się w 3R Studio – lidera rozwiązań wirtualnej i rozszerzonej rzeczywistości.

3R Studio zajmuje się dostarczaniem wysokiej jakości interaktywnych rozwiązań 3D na potrzeby urządzeń mobilnych, stacjonarnych i VR, a także profesjonalnym modelowaniem grafik 3D.